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Re: KDE system notifications

> > Yes, me too. And if you look/hear very exactly you can realize that
> > the sound comes with a delay. I think it's an error from KDE since
> > 3.3.x with Debian-Kernel 2.6. On a 2.4-system sound works, on my
> > 2.6-system I have the problems since the last big KDE-Upgrade in
> > sarge (from 3.2.3 to 3.3.x):-(
> Same performance here on either kernel (sid with 3.3.2), but I always
> have a slight delay (maybe 1/2 sec).

Yes, that's right ! I also have a delay & ogg files don't work correctly. KDE 
is in version 3.x -> it really should work ! I hope for a fix...

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