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kfmclient broken

Hi people.

Since one of the last upgrades my kfmclient is not working anymore, and 
therefore the shortcuts for konqueror are not working too.

if i execute a 

elirips@XERXES:~$ kfmclient openProfile filemanagement

i get:
kfmclient: ERROR: Couldn't start konqueror from konqueror.desktop: KDEInit 
could not launch 'kioexec'

in ~/.xsession i get afterwards this error:
kioexec: Unknown option '--silent'.
kioexec: Use --help to get a list of available command line options.

It seems like kfmclient passes the option --silent on to kioexec, but kioexec 
does not know about this option.
running konqueror with 'konqueror --profile webbrowsing' works fine.
This problem only occurs on my user-account, if i create a new user kfmclient 
openProfile filemanagement works fine.
Got the feeling one of my config-files of KDE is broken - but which one?

I'dd be glad for any help.

I am using kde 3.3.2 from debian testing:

elirips@XERXES:~$ dpkg -l konqueror kdebase
| Status=Nicht/Installiert/Config/U=Entpackt/Fehlgeschl. Konf./Halb install.
|/ Fehler?=(keiner)/Halten/R=Neuinst. notw/X=beides (Status, Fehler: 
||/ Name                  Version               Beschreibung
ii  konqueror             3.3.2-1               KDE's advanced File Manager, 
Web Browser and Document View
ii  kdebase               3.3.2-1               KDE Base metapackage

Greetins Elias Gerber

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