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Re: kio_svn

El Martes, 15 de Febrero de 2005 13:25, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda escribió:
> I would like to use the kio slave to access to a svn repository. I have
> found that it exist, but I don't found it. Could someone tell me in which
> package is? or, how to put it in a Sarge kde?

It was in kdenonbeta, but now it seems it isn't. In kdereview, and 
kdeplayground-ioslaves, it isn't neither. :-/

If you need a frontend for SVN, I just can suggest you eSvn (Qt based) which 
is at least packaged. kio_svn was unstable the last time I checked it, so I 
suppose there are no debs.

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