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Re: kdm - num lock

> On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 01:09:13PM +0100, manu revah wrote:
>> hello,
>> i?m trying to get kdm to NOT activate numlock by default, i tried
>> apt-get
>> remove --purge kdm just for fun and still when i reinstall it still
>> reactivates numlock.
> Does ControlCenter / Peripherals / Keyboard / Numlock on Startup do what
> you want ?  A purge and reinstall would not alter that, which is one of
> your user's .kde settings.
> Nick

that setting does work, however it´s applied once my user has logged in,
after kdm..  when in kdm, my user has to use the letter ¨m¨ to log in, on
this keyboard if numlock is activated it´s an arrow button.. . .

thx anyway. ..   :]


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