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Konqueror 'Extract' Service Menu

I just set KDE 3.3.2 on a new system. It's running sarge, with KDE packages 
from sid.

When I right-click an archive, I have no 'Extract' submenu. This submenu does 
show up on another system with the same type of setup (sarge base, KDE from 
sid), and I can't for the life of me figure out where it is on the new box.

Ark's 'Enable Konqueror Integration' setting looked promising, but it was 
already enabled. The handbook states "This option only works if the Konqueror 
integration plugin from kdeaddons is installed on your system."

Poking around a bit, the package in question seems to be 'konq-plugins,' which 
has an arkplugin.so. It's installed on both systems, but I only get the 
'Extract' menu on the old box. In any case, I have the whole 'kdeaddons' 
package installed on both systems.

Anyone know why this isn't working?

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