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Re: Launching KPPP from desktop with root loses dsktop icons and wallpapers...

On Saturday 05 February 2005 15:53, Phillip Pi wrote:

> > > I went to test the settings and KPPP connection. I got all the
> > > way to connection, but I get disconnected immediately and get a
> > > "Sorry - KDesktop error: "KDEInit could not launch
> > > '/usr/bin/kppp'".
> >
> > Kppp needs to be SUID root, and in /etc/ppp/options you must change
> Bob, how do I do this SUID root thing? I am a newbie. :)

In a root shell:  chmod u+s /usr/bin/kppp

It should already be owned by root so the above will make it SUID to 
root.  What the Set User ID (SUID) bit means is that when the program 
is run it will acquire the privileges of the owner of the file rather 
than the person who ran it.  You can only set this bit on files you 
own, unless you are root.

On my machine the results look like this:

bobh@robin:~$ ls -lF /usr/bin/kppp
-rwsr-xr--  1 root dip 575192 2005-01-26 09:03 /usr/bin/kppp*

Note the 's' where normally there would be an 'x'.

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