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Re: USB Flash Drives & Automatic Mounting?

Alle 11:27, martedì 1 febbraio 2005, Martin Steigerwald ha scritto:
> Am Dienstag 01 Februar 2005 00:49 schrieb H. S.:
> > My brother uses KDE all the time on his Sid machine. I recall his
> > mentioning that this feature is expected in KDE 3.4. I will be quite
> > interested in knowing if a related package comes along sooner than
> > that. As will he :)
> Hello,
> KDE 3.4 should sport a media://-interface for handling removable media
> via hal.
> Regards,

Is there any special requirement/dependency to enable this? I'm trying to 
build kde 3.4 beta 1, and I'd really like to test this particular feature, 
but I seem to recall the need of some sort of qt-dbus binding to enable it 
at compile time. I'm not sure, though.



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