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Newest kmail: mails not displayed in preview pane


Subject says it all, really.

When I highlight a mail in the folder view, the mail contents are not shown 
in the preview pane.  The mail loads fine when I double click on the mail 
to view it in a new window.

Bummer: it only happens 99% of the times - haven't figured out why.

This might be IMAP related (plain IMAP, not disconnected) and related to the 
already present bug from previous versions that storing attachments from 
the preview pane would create 0 byte files while loading attachments from a 
separate mail window would work as expected.

Storing attachments is not what I frequently do, so it was no big thing so 
far.  But viewing a mail is an activity that is a little more frequent in a 
MUA... :-/

work arounds? bug fixes?
-- vbi

TODO: apt-get install signify

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