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Re: Konsole: Tab titles gnome-terminal style?

Robert Lindgren wrote:
On Thursday 11 November 2004 17:08, Carles Cufi wrote:

Thanks for this.

However, it is still not what I want.. Here's why:

1. It changes my prompt (which I'd like to avoid)

Well you can have the same prompt as before, if you just add the:
PS1= "\033]30;\u@\h: \w\007\] part, and then append your prompt layout after that.

That works very well... Thank you, we're almost there!!!

2. In vi, if I go :set title, only the window title gets set with the
name of the file I'm editing, not the tab.

Hmm that is true though :)

What I'd like is the tab to show what the window title shows...

Any idea how we can 'map' what the window title shows into the tab title dynamically?

Thanks for your help!


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