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Re: Konqueror over nfs VERY slow

El Miércoles, 3 de Noviembre de 2004 22:13, Alan Chandler escribió:
> > May be is the stuff for looking the directory changes. Is famd working
> > and listening on the server? and local?...  konqueror polling?
> famd is working on both machines
> Don't know what you mean by konqueror polling

Excuse my english, I have ever read that word on tech docs (man, api ref..etc)

I mean refresh every x seconds (may be various times in a second) the 
directory to see if something has changed. famd is suposed to connect via rpc 
other remote famd if the file is on a nfs mount. I say supossed because I 
have never seen it, and the default setup closes famd to the exterior. 
See /etc/fam.conf

famd is also the responsable for watching /mnt/cdrom and disabling umounting 

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