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Re: KDE 3.2.3 backport confusing my woody.

Jan Lühr wrote:
> Thisalgorithmslly wiered - what's going on here?
> The system is a plain woody + KDE backports + some minor backports I did
> by myself (like dvdauthor...)

Do not use plain apt-get, but go for aptitude and then work your way through
all dependencies. This was discussed here couple of times, so archives are
your friend. And yes, there is something screwed up with debconf, so you
need to keep one specific (older) version on hold ('=' key in aptitude).
Sorry, I cannot give you more specifics, but I have already switched to

> Because of not having a big internet connection, I want to download the
> packages on another system.  By that, getting a complete uri list for all
> packages is necessary.


> <OT> Using dselect doesn't make any differenece. Sadly, I neither found a
> dselect nor a apt-get switch to see why these package are actually going
> to be removed </OT>.

There are two huge differences between dselect and aptitude:
a) dselect is pain in the neck to use (I am sorry, if I offend anybody who
   likes it, but I have met so far just one person to claim so; I have met
   also one SM person -- there are strange people out there :-), whereas
   aptitude was made so that it is really usable, IMHO.
b) AFAIK, dselect is just a front-end to apt-get and it has not intelligence
   in dealing with dependencies of its own. On the other hand aptitude has
   much more improved algorithms than apt-get has.


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