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Konqueror and Yahoo! Groups

Does anybody else have problems to log in Yahoo! Groups with Konqueror! I
had the problems with KDE 3.1.* and then switching User-Agent to Mozilla
helped. Then again it worked for some time even without switching
User-Agents, but for some last couple of weeks, I am not able to login into
groups.yahoo.com by any means.

Is it known problem and is there any workaround (aside the one I am using
now -- running Mozilla for just this one website!)?



Matej Cepl,
GPG Finger: 89EF 4BC6 288A BF43 1BAB  25C3 E09F EF25 D964 84AC
138 Highland Ave. #10, Somerville, Ma 02143, (617) 623-1488

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