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Re: "No Text!" in kde menu bar and duplicated items

El Lunes, 4 de Octubre de 2004 10:22, Massimiliano Mirabello escribió:
>  Matas Costa wrote:
> >> On purging i have aoutput like:
> >> /etc/kde3/ui/ directory not removed since it is not empty
> >>
> >> maybe i must remove it manually?
> >>
> >> Any other hint?
> >
> > The message seems a lost conf file, very strange if you did not
> > created it manually. Move it away (for example to your home). May be
> > a packaging bug.
> >
> > If fails then try the "standard" begin point for these things. Try
> > with a new user. Then try to purge and reinstall.
>  Done, but without changes.
>  /etc/kde3/ui/ directory IS EMPTY but not removed.
>  I have two users in my system with the same problem.
>  I tried to purge and reinstall kdelibs-data without changes.
>  Any hint is well accepted.
>  Massimiliano

May be a locale problem? what happens with the default language?

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