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Re: KMail 3.2.3-1 instability

Roy Bixler wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has noticed that KMail 3.2.3-1 version recently
> uploaded is less stable than the 3.2.2-2 version.  In particular, I
> sometimes do a "V" (View Source) command to view the full source of
> a
> message to see its full headers.  This never caused a problem
> before, but with the 3.2.3-1 KMail version, it crashes quite
> frequently with
> the "V" command.  My solution for now is to revert to the 3.2.2-2
> package off of "snapshot.debian.net" and downgrade to "sarge" from
> "unstable".  Since I've reverted, KMail is stable as before.
I am not experiencing this problem with 3.2.3-1.  Running

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