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can not use the select with mouse feature in konsole with kernel 2.6


I'm running kde-3.2.3, and linux kernel 2.6.7.
If I start mc (or any app which is using ncurses) in the 'konsole' kde 
app, I can not select lines with SHIFT+LEFT_MOUSE_CLICK.
This selecting is working with kernel 2.4.*, and also, if I'm not 
running mc, just the simple 'konsole' app, I still can not select lines 
with SHIFT+LEFT_MOUSE_CLICK, but at least I can select lines without 
the SHIFT key being pressed down. But I can not do this in mc, because 
if I don't push the SHIFT button, then it enters to a dir.
I don't know if it matters, but I'm using an usb mouse and usb keyboard 
with the usbhid module.
Anyone can confirm this bug?



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