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RE: kde3.2 startup problem

Title: RE: kde3.2 startup problem


I'am also a newbie to debian and I have the same problem.
I installed debian 3.0r1 stable and recently I did a apt-get dist-upgrade to testing.
Since the upgrade KDE (kdm) wont start anymore. It shows the mouse pointer and then seems to just hang?
When I kill 2 kdm processes and the Xfree86 process and type "startx" KDE seems to start??


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Subject: kde3.2 startup problem

hi all,
i am a newbie to debian and have newly installed debian3.0 with kde3.2 on
my old compaq laptop.
Earlier it was working fine, but for the last few days kdm takes forever
to get to the login prompt............after that when i try to login, kde
gets stuck at the point "initializing peripherals"..........if i leave it
alone it takes several minutes to finally log me in......but after that
all applications such as the terminal are extremely slow to start and
basically it takes forever to run them...............
i checked the /var/log/syslog file and it has errors such as
"Keyboard timed out[1]"  and "no pcmcia drivers in /proc/devices"
Any ideas why this might be happening?

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