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Re: severe load on imap sever by kmail

On Wednesday 23 June 2004 20.57, Courtney L. Sherman wrote:
> > I am using KMail for IMAP on folders containing more than 10000
> > messages

<= 5000.

> > Though I do use Cyrus IMAPd, not Courier.

courier-imap  1.4.3-2.3 from woody

> I have suspected something along these lines since the slowdowns
> seem to coincide with reading the headers for a folder that has new
> messages since the last access.  Also, the progress meter in the
> lower-right of the kmail window completes repeatedly during this
> process.

I had this with kmail 1.5.4, with 1.6.2 the progress bar goes only 
once. And much faster. I haven't check the load on the server, but I 
assume much lower then before.

KDE 3.2.2 from unstable
KDE 3.2.3 from SuSE

> For me, the problem is there but not as severe when I run kmail on
> the server.  From the local network the slowdowns are a bit worse. 
> Remote access is noticeably worse.  

ADSL with 512kB/s
LAN with 100MB/s not a great difference.

On Wednesday 23 June 2004 22.28, Courtney L. Sherman wrote:
> Mickael Marchand wrote:

> That seemed to help a lot!  Thanks!

I've IMAP_DISABLETHREADSORT=0 and no problem with kmail 1.6.2


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