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Re: severe load on imap sever by kmail


can you try :


in courier-imapd configuration ? 
(disables sorting of threads on the server-side)

it seems to help a bit for me


Le mercredi 23 Juin 2004 20:57, Courtney L. Sherman a écrit :
> > I am using KMail for IMAP on folders containing more than 10000 messages
> For me, the problem becomes severe when the folders approach 1000 messages.
> > Though I do use Cyrus IMAPd, not Courier.
> This is an interesting idea.  Does anyone have these slowdowns with
> cyrus or conversely not have any problems with courier?
> > Maybe KMail wants to reindex the folder and does it in a way,
> > where Courier becomes heavily loaded.
> I have suspected something along these lines since the slowdowns seem to
> coincide with reading the headers for a folder that has new messages
> since the last access.  Also, the progress meter in the lower-right of
> the kmail window completes repeatedly during this process.
> > Does KMail do any network transfers while it is stuck (is it downloading
> > large amounts of data, or sending a large number of commands to the
> > server?)
> For me, the problem is there but not as severe when I run kmail on the
> server.  From the local network the slowdowns are a bit worse.  Remote
> access is noticeably worse.  From this I infer that there is a lot of
> network traffic.  Is there a better way I could test this that would
> yield more helpful information?
> Courtney

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