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Networking Problem

Hi Debiancracks :)

I have installed on my secound Notebook Debian Woody with the Netinstall Disk.

I tryed to connect to the network and see, network card is not working. Ok. Modconf and load Realtek-8138 too Drivers, with that my other notebook work well.

Ok he found the Device on the right PCMCIA Port

then ifconfig eth0 up

and get message: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy

cardctl status   says
Socket 0:
 3.3V Cardbus card
  function 0: [ready]

in modconf is unter pcmcia an "i82365" Loaded. I think it is on the other notebook not. But I cant unload that. When I try he says "Device or resource busy"

What could be the Problem....
I really dont get it :(

//-- Peter Engel --//

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