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Re: Problem with kdm startup

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On Monday 21 June 2004 21:53, Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler wrote:
> On Monday 21 June 2004 14:32, m wrote:
> > On startup, it runs kdm, but then screen blanks and returns back to the
> > login prompt.
> >
> > After that i login as normal user and try to run from command line, it
> > says that: Only root wants to run kdm. If i login as root and type kdm,
> > it runs ok, showing the list of user and i can normally login.
> >
> > If i try running startx from command line, it runs kdm from any user ok.
> >
> > Anybody has any suggestions why it doesn't want to run kdm but runs
> > startx?
> I've been having the same problem intermittantly on a fresh sarge install.
> The XFree86.log then reports some problem with configuring the mouse,
> although it doesn't always happen, when it does it drops back out the the
> boot prompt and I have to kill kdm and restart it to get in normaly
> (without startx).

I had the same problems on two fresh installs.

I have found this problem can be solved by adding psmouse in /etc/modules.
The problem seems to be that loading the module takes to long and X exits 
because it can't find a core pointer.
I think that with psmouse in /etc/modules the driver is loaded earlier and X 
finds it without problem. That's also why it starts correctly when X is 
started manually: the driver has been loaded by then.

Please let me know if my fix works for you as well, then I'll file a bugreport 
against X on this issue.

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