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Re: Adding Debian

Let's move this over to d-user@l.d.o where it's on-topic.

"Thomas S. Atkins" <tatkins@aug.com> writes:

> I have Suse 9.1 pro installed with GRUB as the loader. I have the
> Debian CD's I purchased (Woody 3.0r1) and would like to add it as a
> separate system to see how it works. If I install it to a separate
> disk will I have any problems or are there specificate things I should
> look out for. The system is Linux only, NO MS$.

I would start by reading the manual, where this is explained.  There's a
link in the navigation column on the debian.org front page to the
installation manual, as well as a copy of it on the installation CD, and
probably a dead-tree copy that came with your CDs if it's a boxed set
(someone else will need to confirm this as I have never actually seen a
Debian boxed set).

I *strongly* recommend following along in the manual if you start
getting stuck, so get some way to view it other than on the system
you're installing on with any Debian installer at this time[1].
Relevant to this conversation, however, is Chapter 3.

If you need a repartitioning tool, go hit up knoppix.net for a bootable
CD and use parted (the GNU partitioning tool, roughly the same
functionality as the non-free and proprietary (boo, hiss!)
PartitionMagic, but in a nice, clean ncurses interface) or qtparted (the
KDE front end reminiscent to PartitionMagic).  Keep that Knoppix disk
around, even if you don't use Debian: You never know when you'll need
something to boot from to get a system back up (and I think we both know
a DOS disk isn't going to cut it).

[1] However, the new debian-installer[2] is definitely going to be a
    huge improvement over boot-floppies[3] by the looks of beta4, I
    haven't looked at TC1 yet.

[2] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

[3] That's the installer that comes with woody (even if you got it on a
    CD, CD support for boot-floppies is a more recent thing)

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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