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Re: kmail and mutt using the same ~/Mail

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004 14:02:23 +0200, Sébastien Ducoulombier wrote:
> The previous message reminded me of something I am afraid to do :
> Is it safe to use Kmail and Mutt on the same ~/Mail ?

It is. KMail creates some hidden index files and might use different
folder names for Inbox, Sent, etc. than you configured for your mutt
setup. It even recognizes the Status: header and shows mails you
already read in mutt as "not new".

A bigger problem is that KMail handles subfolders differently. While
you create a subdirectory in mutt, KMail creates a directory called
`.<parent folder>.directory'. <parent folder> is still a normal mbox
folder, so you can store mails in it and it's subfolders located in
the created hidden directory. KMail doesn't show "normal" directories
in ~/Mail/ at all.


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