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file associations in 3.2.1

I'm having a couple of related headaches in konqueror.

When I visist a lot of sites now (a good example being 
www.sinfest.net, but many php sites are also causing 
problems) I am prompted by a "save as" dialog. Presumably 
konqueror doesn't recognise the file, but it's making 
browsing a large part of the web impossible. Does anyone 
know of any way to stop it?

Also, I use gnump3d to stream mp3s from another machine, but 
cannot find any way in kdes file associations configurator 
to make clicking on .m3u files in konqueror open xmms 
without asking. I am always prompted to type in the program 
I want to open .m3u files with. 

This could all be a debian problem with my system, but I 
cannot work out how to solve it. It's all making me long 
nostalgically for Windows '95. :-(.

cheers for any pointers,


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