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Re: Failed to install window styles on KDE 3.1.4

On Wed March 31 2004 03:03 am, Ville Koivisto wrote:
 ] I've been trying to figure out how to install new window styles, such as 
 ] Aqua or Plastic, but I run into the same message every time I execute 
 ] "./configure":

 Why are you running ./configure on a Debian package?

 (Plastik is already available for Debian.)

 It's also worth checking out apt-get.org for other things before you
 go down the compile-it-yourself path.

 For non-packaged apps that you want to compile yourself, you'll
 need to install the relevant -dev packages.

 Determining which package you should install is accomplished by one
 of two ways.  First, intuit what package it's missing.  (In this case it's easy,
 but not immediately obvious.)  Second, look for a specific file that the
 make or configure script is moaning about not being able to find, head to
 packages.debian.org, and search for which package contains that file.

 (Yes, you can also use the 'apt-file' utility if you prefer.)

 In the Intuit Case - this one - the guess would be x-dev

 $ apt-cache show x-dev 
 reveals that you probably want libx11-dev

 So install that package.

 (The intuitive process often involves the judicious use of the apt-cache
 command, specifically the 'search' and the 'show' parameters, and often
 piped through a 'grep dev'.  For example :

 $ apt-cache search x | grep dev | grep ^x

 This would narrow your search down quickly to a handful of easily
 assessed alternatives.)


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