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environment problems with KDM and Konsole


I set my locale ($LANG and $LC_ALL) as user and not in /etc/environment. 
However, obviously KDM does something wrong here:
if I change the first line of /usr/bin/startkde from
#!/bin/sh -l
(thus making that run a login shell and read $HOME/.profile which sets LANG 
and LC_ALL), everything works as expected.

But I also know that this change is not correct. Actually, kdm should run the 
script from a login shell but doesn't. That results is program misbehaviour 
and e.g. konsole only shows the EuroSign correctly when started a second time 
from itself (that's also strange because konsole itself should _not_ run a 
login shell).

Either I do something wrong or KDE (means KDM and Konsole) mixed it all up :-(

What to do?


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