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Re: USB Media

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Am Mittwoch, 24. März 2004 20:44 schrieb Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler:
> I read somewhere that there might be a script out there which will put an
> icon on the KDE desktop when a USB device is plugged in.  I'm having the
> problem that sometimes USB devices get attached to sda, and sometimes sdb
> or sdc.
> Anyoune heard of such a srcipt or utility?
KDE has this ability built-in (check Control-Center -> Desktop -> Behaviour -> 
Device Icons (Warning: translated from German, may be inaccurate)).

The real solution to the device naming problem is in kernel 2.6, which can use 
a userspace utility named "udev", which can assign device names using e.g. 
the Model/Vendor ID Strings in the device itself. This way one can associate 
e.g. "Lexar Jumpdrive" with /dev/memorystick, which solves the problem. But 
"udev" is not ready for widespread production use (IMHO). I use it on my SID 
desktop machine, but I had to configure quite some things so e.g. my scanner 
and my DVD burner worked...

But maybe the KDE feature is already enough...

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Patrick Dreker

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