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Re: Spell check highlighting and other things.

Exactly the same here: no highlight of misspelled words (but "spell check 
results" has suggestions if you rightclick on top of a misspelled word), and 
missing symbol (but its installed): "The font 'symbol' is missing. Do you 
want to change the font style anyway?" 

Any idea how to solve this? at least the highlight?



>Hi everybody,
>On my computer, Sid up-to-date, kword does not highlight misspelled
>words (the configuration option is set!). Does anybody else has the same
>problem? (i.e. is it a bug?) Or is my installation misconfigured?
>When configuring Kword, it complains about the fact that the "symbol"
>font is not installed. It appears that under Xft, this font is named
>"Symbol". Is it a bug? ;-)
>Finally, is it possible to have spell check as-you-type under kile and

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