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Re: Viewing PDFs

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On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 12:44:52PM -0500, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
> Does an OSS PDF viewer exist or is a user expected to have Adobe
> Acrobat?  I mean something with more precision than xpdf.  (I
> believe that KPDF is only a container for xpdf.  Please correct me
> if this is not true.)

kpdf does a pretty good job on the pdfs I come across.

> OSS office software exists (OpenOffice, KOffice, etc.) that can
> produce PDF files.  I am unaware of OSS viewers.  For that matter,
> how capable is the PDF exporter of KOffice?

Pretty good.  I've used it to send resumes to potential employers.  I
tend to prefer it, because I know the first thing they're going to do
is print it out on US Letter size paper.  PDFs print exactly as shown,
office documents don't.

> A more pertinent question may be: Does the Linux OS support the
> display and printing of graphics with the precision of the MacOS?
> (I use that as a standard against which to measure the precision and
> cleanliness of printed/displayed material.)

Yes, as of 1999, printing ability seemed limited only by the printer.
And interning at a public school back in high school, I succeeded in
setting lpr to work with Apple Imagewriters, HP LaserJet III's and
IV's, and a variety of old Epson 9 and 25 pin color dot-matrix
printers.  They all work like a dream with magicfilter and lpr.

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