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Re: welldone. JuK almost usable. roll on kde 3.3.

On Friday 12 March 2004 10:46, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> > Artsd still habitually runs
> > at 20% of CPU so there is no stable audio out.
> sudo apt-get install libarts1-mpeglib
> This should really be the default plugin for artsd in my
> opinion but there are presumably issues preventing that.

aaaaah. Thankyou very much. Do you have any idea how many 
years I've written Arts off unnecessarily? It seems strange 
that the default plugin is so bad.

It was also my fault for installing packages individually 
though, I guess. kdemultimedia has the right dependencies, 
I just didn't want noatun...

Anyway Arts is now happily using less CPU than mldonkey. I 
won't dare criticise it again until I need to use 
realplayer... (and I've just noticed a timeout option that 
might scotch that one)


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