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KDE loses settings on restart

Hi all-

I searched through the archives looking for the answer to this one, and I was quite surprised to see it unasked, especially given the flurry of upgrades to 3.2.1 in the last few weeks. So here goes...

I upgraded my Knoppix3.3/Debian-Unstable KDE from 3.1.5 to 3.2.1 the other day using the new .debs in apt. Things went quite well, except I had to force install of kdelibs to satisfy a dependency (as per a suggestion). Things have been running fine, except for that each time I exit KDE and restart x, I need to reconfigure my desktop. Sometimes the backgrounds are remembered and I just have to specify colors, icon size and panel appearance, but often I need to also place icons in the panel again and reconfigure its layout.

This is rather frustrating, and I'm not sure where to start. 3.1.5 had no problem keeping track of changes I made. I've paged through the Control Center, but I don't see any way to force it to save my setup.

Thanks for any help!
Will Maier

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