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Upgrade to KDE-3.2.1


the new KDE version is great so far (also upgraded to XFree86-4.3.0).

I am somewhat tired to redo my configuration of KDM every time an upgrade 
comes in. There are so many changes in the config file that I somewhat doubt 
that it will run with my old config file.
That may be because the current "simple diffing of config files" with dpkg 
really sucks.

KMail proudly presents me a list of new features. Well, but why the h*** does 
it revert my toolbar customization? At least the rest of KMail configuration 
was unchanged (well, I hope so).
Hmm, and Knode did the same thing :-((

Previously, my Kmail.desktop file had the option -check set for kmail. 
Somehow, after the upgrade it was the default file again :-(

The type checking is nice but unusable when you use more than one language.

All system sounds were redefined and turned on!?! At least it is easier than 
ever to turn them all of, although that wasn't the previous state.

As of now, kde-i18n is still missing (doesn't really matter to me) and 
kdegames, too.
I didn't have to move my ~/.kde away (although I found some misbehaviour but 
that was easily fixed).

Still, well done :)


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