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Re: Proposal for adding a field in packages descriptions

Dominique Devriese writes:

> Sylvain Joyeux writes:
>> I'm currently writing aimed at integrating APT in KDE (the first
>> step was the apt:/ kio). While doing that, I had an idea. (yeah, it
>> happens :p) We could add Mime: fields in package descriptions which
>> will describe what file type the package is able to handle (no
>> field meaning that it is not a file handling library for
>> instance). This would have two advantages:
>> - for programmers, to quickly find libraries able to handle a
>> certain kind of files
>> - for desktop users: when no application installed is able to open
>>   a
>> given file, the environment will be able to ask the user what
>> program he wants to install to open it.

> No offence intended at all, but you should first read up on how the
> debian mime system works, before trying to improve it.

Hm, just reread your post, and it seems I misunderstood you, so please
ignore my previous annoying remark.  Regarding adding something to the
deb format, the debian people are known to be pretty conservative
about this, but you can always try to discuss this on debian-devel..


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