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Screensaver fails!

Dear friends:

[Using Xandros 2.0/Debian]

I have installed and uninstalled a number of programs -- all of them either 
from XN (with only the two XN sources) or else by recompiling source tarballs 
(all of which go into /usr/local -- which has no effect, I am told, on the 
operation or stability of Xandros). For some strange reason, my screensavers 
(both the KDE screensavers and the GLX rss-glx screensavers -- both from XN) 
no longer work EXCEPT for "Euphoria GL" (which works fine). None of the other 
screensavers work. I've tested them all (by clicking on the "test" button at 
the bottom of the list). They all used to work perfectly well. Any idea what 
could be wrong, and how I can reactivate them. Is it some file that I need to 
configure? I tried to reinstall both "kscreensaver" and "rss-glx" in apt-get 
with the --reinstall option. They reinstalled fine, but the screensavers 
still don't work (except for Euphoria GL). There is nothing wrong with my 
glx. I checked by typing "glxinfo" in the console.

Thank you so much.

Sher's Russian Web
Benjamin and Anna Sher

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