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Re: kscreensaver

On Saturday 28 Feb 2004 10:21 pm, Ben Burton wrote:

> > does anyone know what has happened to various KDE screensavers,
> > e.g. kslidescreen? This is my favourite one.
> > They can be found in the KDE 3.1.5 packages, but I can't find them
> > in the new 3.2 packages anymore, I can't even find them in the KDE
> > CVS.
> AIUI, a number of screensavers were removed from KDE 3.2 since they
> were more or less clones of xscreensavers, 

Hum ... that seems to me to be a shame.  On the face of it the KDE 
screensavers seem higher quality than the xscreensaver ones ... more 
polished.  They (obviously) integrate better into KDE - e.g. that 
xscreensaver password entry box is somewhat clunkier than the nice 
shiny KDE one.  Some of the xscreensaver modules crash on my system, 
whereas the KDE ones never do.

The gazillion xscreensavers vary in quality (I realise this is 
subjective) and I'd prefer to see the best of them ported to KDE native 

>  .... and KDE provides perfectly
> good bindings to xscreensavers anyway.

On my system, the only way to get the xscreensavers activated is via 
their own clunky Motif-style setup dialog and the xscreensaver daemon, 
but I'm wondering whether you're referring to the ".desktop" files that 
seem to relate one-to-one with the xscreensavers ... these don't work 
at all on my system.  I'll be posting about this shortly.

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK

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