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Re: kscreensaver

Joerg de la Haye wrote:

Hi again,

does anyone know what has happened to various KDE screensavers, e.g. kslidescreen? This is my favourite one. They can be found in the KDE 3.1.5 packages, but I can't find them in the new 3.2 packages anymore, I can't even find them in the KDE CVS.



i had none when I uprgraded and had to install them manually

apt-get install kscreensaver should do the trick.

what I have noticed tho, is the rendering of the opengl screensavers is awful now. really jerky and poor(used to be great) I have a matrox g400 dualhead w/ 32mb onboard. Checked all the bits I could find and changed my settings in XF86Config-4 (http://www.xfree86.org/4.3.0/DRI10.html#35) , checked everything, but still really bad. no *massive* loss, but I did really like Euphoric.

dont know if its just me that has this issue....



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