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Re: Optimizing KDE

On Sat February 28 2004 03:39 am, Bob Tilley (AT&T) wrote:
 ] Optimizers exist for Windows and I have to assume they do for most operating systems.
 ] What, if any, are some of the ways to increase the responsiveness, a.k.a. speed, of KDE?

 One way is to set wordwrap properly.

 A more useful way would be to upgrade to a 2.6.x kernel,
 as the preempt / low-latency patches ostensibly provide
 a significant performance (or rather perceived performance)
 boost.  I'm still playing with 2.6.x, and there's certainly the
 occasional hiccup with it, much like kde 3.2 has some of
 those challenging and unadvertised features up its sleeves.

 I'm curious if developers typically work on 2.6 or 2.4 kernels.


 PS. Note that this isn't a kernel list, so any subsequent problems you
 have with using a 2.6 kernel are better discussed on a different list.

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