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Bug in Juk with Gstreamer output


Artsd output works on Juk, but Gstreamer outputs these messages:

INFO ( 1735: 0) Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 0.6.4 
INFO ( 1735: 0) CPU features: (00000691) MMX 3DNOW 
INFO ( 1735: 0) registry: loaded global_registry in 0.924831 seconds
ASSERT: "d->audioSink" in play.cpp (509)
QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::eos() to 

And just skips over all songs without playing them....

Using these gstreamer packages from unstable:

ii  gstreamer-misc                0.6.4-4        
ii  gstreamer-plugin-apps   0.6.4-4  
ii  gstreamer-plugin-libs      0.6.4-4   
ii  gstreamer-tools                0.6.4-1     
ii  libgstreamer0.6-0             0.6.4-1   
ii  libgstreamer0.6-dev         0.6.4-1  
ii  libkdegst0.6                        0.6.1-1    

¿Does anyone also have this behaviour? ¿Am I missing some package?

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