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Re: XPlanet

>From Robert Tilley on Thursday, 2004-02-26 at 20:45:23 -0500:
> I want xplanet to run in the background of my windows in KDE 3.2 on my 
> unstable system.  I do not wish to run World Clock, grown to fill the window, 
> however.
> Can someone help me have a rotating globe, ala xplanet, as my KDE background?
> -- 
> Comments are appreciated,

Find the xplanet home page, and read the FAQ.  It explains
how to do it.  I do not remember the details of my setup,
except that one has to RIGHT-click on the desktop, choose
"no wallpaper" and "program" for the background, and then
feed it the appropriate command line---from the FAQ.


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