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Re: k3b 0.11+?

> And I want to remove k3bsetup from the package.
> To my mind each software used by k3b (cdrecord, cdrdao, readcd...)
> should be configured by its own debconf frontend, and not k3bsetup.
> Therefore, I want to ask each packager of one of this package to made a
> debconf frontend. Then I will be able to remove k3bsetup. (I should also
> change error message, and so on.)
> What do you think of that ?

I think that would be great.  Sometimes I startup other kde burning
programs, and each one wants to walk through my setup and mess around
with it in their own peculiar way (a seperate group, make things suid or
remove the suid bit, add stuff to the fstab, etc, etc).  If they could
restrict themselves to just the stuff that is 'their' domain, I'd be a
lot happier :-)  (note, this goes for k3b, too, not just the others...)


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