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kde not interfacing with cups in stable

I have done a fresh install of debian stable using cd's.  I used task-sel to 
get x-windows and desktop environment.  I then used dselect to install cups.  
I went into cups and set up a printer, and printing a test page works.  Then 
I went into kword to do a test print from there, but things went different 
than I thought they should.  When open the print dialog box, cups doesn't 
show up as a print system in the bottom drop down box.  I have made it to 
work by using "Print through an external program" (now configuring through 
the control center) and using 'lp %in' as the custom command.  So I can print 
but that seems to render most of the nice things about cups useless.

How can I get cups to show up as a print system in debian stable?

Orson Jones
USU Bookstore

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