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Re: kdm, kcontrol, and other problems under KDE 3.2 with Sid

> 1) kdm does not work.  The symptoms appear to be Xauthority related.
> There is a temporary Xauthority file getting created in
> /var/run/xauth/.  After logging into kde using the kdm front end, the
> system just does nothing.  Nothing appears to be running inside of X.  I
> can get out with a cntrl-alt-backspace.

Make sure that you told KDM to load KDE.  The first time I logged in it loaded 
twm.  The option for which environment to load is hiding in the menu.

> 3) There is not kcontrol icon in the Kmenu.  I had to add this by hand.
> YOu just about have to have kcontrol !

There is actually an icon for it at the top of the preferences menu, which 
isn't enabled by default.  Having an icon in the system menu would be nice 

> 4) My xmms-arts package had to be removed, so I have problems running
> xmms under kde3.2 using the arts sound server.

Read the link below for a full description of what's going on with xmms-arts.  
The short version is that xmms and KDE 3.2 use incompatible versions of glib.  
So don't expect this to be fixed anytime soon.



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