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Re: kdm, kcontrol, and other problems under KDE 3.2 with Sid

On Saturday 21 February 2004 12:11 pm, James D. Freels wrote:
> 3) There is not kcontrol icon in the Kmenu.  I had to add this by hand.
> YOu just about have to have kcontrol !

I've had menu problems as well.  For me, all the Debian standard menus 
disappeared.  I deleted everything in .kde/share/applnk & restarted, and that 
put all my menus back together, but instead of having debian subcategories 
under each category, we have one big top-level Debian category.  I liked it 
better the old way, though that was suboptimal.  Maybe the KDE standard menus 
and the Debian menus should simply be mixed together or otherwise reorganized 
so I don't have to look in ten places or dig six levels deep in the menu 
hierarchy to find stuff.

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