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Kmail Timeout Settings


I'm running KDE 3.1.5 in a testing/unstable system.

I'm connecting to the internet with over ADSL and pppoe in demand mode.  I've 
checked the log files and there is less than a 5 sec delay between the first 
ppp entry and the authenticated message after I try to check my mail with 
Kmail.  I've set all the network timouts to over 30 seconds in the Control 
panel - Internet & Network settings - Preferences.  But I still get an 
"unknown host" error very quickly, I'd say in less than 5 seconds, when I try 
to check mail or access the internet (from Firebird) the fist time.  How 
come?  How can I set the timeouts longer?  I found nothing in Google, only a 
couple of posts with the same question, can anybody point me in the right 



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