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Re: WordPerfect 8 still lives

> Andrew, if you have a Corel CD, you should have the package wp-full.
> That is the name of the .deb package on the CD, to be precise, on my
> old Corel Linux OS Deluxe CDs from 2000.

No, I just checked and unfortunately there's no such package on my CD.  Note
that my CD doesn't say "Deluxe", just "Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux".
> Linux does its utmost to avoid the ".DLL hell" of Windows through its
> conventions for naming and numbering libraries. Thus we should be able
> to get by with the version provided by libXT6.

I would have thought so, yes.  But xlibs 4.3 conflicts with xlib6, and there
has to be a reason for this.  An API incompatibility between the new and
old versions sounds like a likely reason to me.
> By the way, the package that is causing the problem is "xlib6g". Not the
> final "g". I found these details with "apt-cache show <packagename>.

No, because I don't have xlib6g installed.  'apt-cache show' shows me the

$ apt-cache depends xlibs | grep xlib6
  Conflicts: xlib6
  Conflicts: xlib6g
  Conflicts: xlib6g-dev
  Replaces: xlib6
  Replaces: xlib6g
  Replaces: xlib6g-dev

So this is pretty straightforward.  And in fact, when I upgraded to xlibs
4.3, it forced me to uninstall xlib6.

When I first installed WP8 a year ago, I made notes about what I had to do
to get it to run.  My notes say that I needed to install the following
packages: libc5, xlib6, and xpm4.7, all from oldlibs.

Sorry to be such a downer, Bruce.  I do appreciate your help.

OTOH, at least some people are apparently running WP8 with xlibs 4.3.  So I
guess I have to find the right combination somehow.  I wonder what's
different about that wp-full .deb.

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