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kmail - IMAP support regression


I'm happily using kmail from the newest KDE 3.2 debs, especially with the 
'ignore thread' functionality that allows me to again take Debian list 
reading from the newsreader to the MUA (and, hence, to IMAP).

But kmail's IMAP performance is far worse than before - on folders with 1000 
and more messages, checking for new mail takes ages. The progress bar goes 
slowly from 0 to 99% with full network load (20 seconds or so, 300kbps ADSL), 
then it inserts the new messages in the folder, then the progress bar goes 
*back* to 2% and even more slowly again to completion. Aborting this second 
run does no harm at all, I can then read mail.

Other things I've noticed:
the 'unread mail' display has some problems. Sometimes, it tells me that there 
is still unread mail in that folder while there isn't, sometimes it tells me 
I've read all new mails (and hitting space doesn't go to the next unread 
message anymore), but there are still unread messages in the folder.

Also, the 'ignore thread' flag is not stored in IMAP :-( Is this 
server-dependant (dovecot here)? Or is it a planned feature (IIRC IMAP does 
have the possibility to store custom flags).

-- vbi

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