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Re: kde 3.2 Woody screensaver does not work

Thanks for your mail, it was the solution,  install xscreensaver and now its 
work fine.
But i don't know why very few scrensavers work,  about ten on one hundred ?
Another problem when i load an file with konkeror he proposed to registered 
with ark when i say yes.
He make an sound and i don't see any progression of the load, only if  I ask 
to load again he say that the load is running and he shows the window with 
the progression of the load.
Thanks for your help.
Le mardi 10 Février 2004 22:27, Andrew Schulman a écrit :
> > Hello,
> > Recently i migrate from Kde 3.1.4 to Kde 3.2.
> > I configure the screensaver with the kde configuration center, and very
> > few screensaver among all proposed  works and can be tested. But  the
> > screensaver does not work at all.
> Try installing xscreensaver and xscreensaver-gl.
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