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Sarge 3.2 install post-mortem

Last night I completed installing KDE 3.2 on Sarge (I started with the Beta 2 
Installer).  I'd like to check that I did it correctly (I followed the wiki 
and grepper helped me on IRC).  There were also a number of things that 
didn't work as I would like, and I'd like to know if they are due to some 
mistake I made.

The way I installed was:
  1)	add ccheney and bab lines to sources list
  2)	add unstable to sources list
  3) 	apt/preferences 
		Pin: origin people.debian.org to 995
		Pin: testing to 900
		Pin: unstable to 500
  4)	check apt-cache policy kdelibs (cool command!)
		--> yes, 3.1.95 from people.debian.org is first
  5)	apt-get install kde -t unstable kdm -t unstable

Q1: Did I need to pin people.debian.org in step 3?  Or is the package naming 
such that 5) will pull in the 3.1.95 packages anyway?

Q2: Step 5 pulled in 68 3.1.5-1 packages from unstable; for example, 
	Inst atlantik (4:3.1.5-1 Debian:unstable)
They mostly look like games.  Is this the expected behavior?

Q3: When KDE starts up, I get an Sound Server error message that the /dev/dsp 
can't be opened b/c of a Permission error.  Is there a consensus on the 
"best" way to solve this?  I'd like all users (even those added in the 
future) to have access to the sound card by default.

Q4: When configuring libusb-0.1-4, it said there was no USB support in the 
Kernel.  Is this an issue for the Sarge Beta2 installer?  Or do I simply need 
to insert the usb modules?  If the latter, is there a reason the libusb-0.1-4 
configure can't do this for me?

Q5: There were many duplicates in the menu; for example,
	Games->Arcade->Arcade Game (KAsteroids)
I assume this is because the 3.1.5 versions were installed, and thus is a 
problem with my install procedure?

No need to CC, I'm now subscribed.  Thanks for any help.


Mark Bucciarelli, www.hubcapconsulting.com
  GNU/Linux user #266,902 at http://counter.li.org

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