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(strange) problem with fixed fonts in kde and konsole


I have encountered strange problem with fonts on one sid machine with Kde
3.1.4.  Problem is, that font dialog in Control Center -> Appearance &
Themes -> Fonts for "Fixed width" fonts offers only one variant of fixed
font, which looks quite ugly in all sizes.  However font dialog for any
other font category (general, toolbar, menu, ...) show all available fonts,
both bitmap and truetype, even various fixed variants (elt, misc, sony,
...).  Same problem occurs in konsole.  When I try to choose Linux or
Unicode font in konsole, I get error message about non-existent font, which
also suggests looking into README.linux.console, which does not seem to be
in any debian package.  Other kde applications (kate, kile, ...) does not
seem to be affected.

This problem occurs for every user but one!  For that one user, everything
works flawlessly, font dialog in both konsole and Control Center shows also
other fonts.  I tried to create new user and use kde config files from
user, which works fine, but without success.  I also don't remember doing
any nasty changes in global config.  Any ideas?

While experimenting I realized, that on one other sid machine with Kde
3.1.5, font dialog shows only one Fixed font, not all variants (elt, misc,
sony, ...), however gtkfontsel shows them separately.  Can anyone explain

Thanks a lot in advance!


PS: Please, CC your replies also to my private mail, thanks.

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