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Re: "Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation and try again."

>> Hello.  I have KDE 3.2, under Debian testing/unstable. I wiped clean my
>> previous installation of KDE 3.1 (apt-get --purge, rm -rf /etc/kde3) and
>> reinstalled from the .deb's at download.kde.org.
> You do realize, don't you, that you installed woody backports of KDE 3.2
> which were built with gcc 2.95, and so are incompatible with your qt and
> all other c++ packages from testing/unstable.
> This might be the cause of your problems.

Er... hm.  An excellent point.  <ahem>  Let me check into that.

While I'm doing that:  right now I don't find any KDE 3.2 release .deb's for
unstable.  The closest I see is CVS from 2004-01-26, at http://rs.fuzz.nl
muesli/686/kde_head/.  Correct?  Or am I missing something?


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