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Kmail broken after downgrading from KDE 3.2.0 back to 3.1.5

I am learning the hard way how to play and how not to play on the 
bleeding edge. I have an "experimental" Libranet / Debian 
installation which shares a /home partition with this more 
conservative installation.

KMail is broken on the "experimental" side. Whenever I try to start 
it, I get a dialog box to the effect that KDEInit cannot start KMail. 
I am able to start KMail with the same large mail store from the 
conservative installation (running KMail 1.5.4). Can anyone help 
suggest why kdeinit is complaining in this manner? Is there a log 
file where I can look for clues?

The background is this: I had heard so many good things about KDE 3.2 
that I charged ahead yesterday and installed it from the .debs on 
kde.org. I did not realize the significance of "backported to woody" 
that applications compiled against libqt3c102-mt, including k3b, 
koffice, kvim would all be uninstalled. Moreover, I ran into one 
small bug in KMail and one major one in KWin. Today I uninstalled 
KDE3.2 and reinstalled KDE3.1.5 from Debian sid. Somewhere during 
this large-scale file manipulation, kdeinit and KMail have had a 

It was only at the end of last week that I decided to install a second 
"more conservative" instance of Libranet / Debian on unused 
partitions on this computer. I never expected that it would be 
necessary so quickly.

one small bug in KMail 1.6: it appears to "forget" filter entries in a 
way normally found only in Microsoft config files;
one major bug in KWin: I was able to routinely start several 
applications with Alt-F2. However, whenever I did an Alt-F2 kpat, the 
game would load, but the run command window would not close. One or 
two minutes later, an error handler would come up telling me that a 
KWin window was misbehaving. After I closed that message, Alt-F2 
ceased to function, so too did |Kicker| Run command. All icons 
disappeared from the desktop and all desktops took on the background 
of the desktop active when the error message first appeared. All 
these functions and settings were restored when I started a new KDE 

Should these be filed as bugs at kde.org?


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